Le Chemin ABA

If you are planning a move to Paris with your child and wanting to begin, or continue, an ABA program in English, let's work towards this goal together! 

I will help you create and run your child's home ABA program in Paris.

Create an adapted space - Did you know that your child's learning space has a huge impact on his or her ability to focus, learn and thrive at home? I will use my knowledge and experience from over 15 years working with children on the autism spectrum, to help you create a perfectly adapted learning space for your child at home.

Program Goals - It is essential that everyone working with your child is working on clear goals, that when met in a specific order, will help your child reach his or her larger goals. I will assess your child strengths and areas of difficulty and provide written monthly programs with specific, quantifiable ABA goals.

Parent Coaching - You are your child's best therapist. I will hold your hand as we go through the fundamentals of ABA and autism and your child's learning goals. Together, we will create a plan to help you be directly involved in your child's ABA program and progress. This may mean that you are working directly with your child or overseeing helpers who come to work with your child at home.

1:1 Sessions - I will work directly with your child towards his or her program and daily living goals.

Team Coaching & Supervision - If we choose to put in place a home program team for your child, I can coordinate the team and provide on-going coaching and supervision of the programs in place for your child.